Joe R. Lansdale ‘Prisoner 489’ Review

Great read.

Horror Novel Reviews

Written by: Paula Limbaugh

Joe R Lansdale, need I say more?  The  long awaited novella is finally here, starting Tuesday Nov. 18 you will be able to get you hands on one well written and beautifully illustrated book.  Santiago Caruso has created a stunning set of illustrations to accompany Prisoner 489, below you will find a preview of what to expect.

Bernard lives on a small island along with two other men, Toggle and Wilson.  The three  of them prisoners of sort, one step from freedom.  Overshadowing their little island is a larger island, an ugly, dismal island, home to an imposing prison that houses the worse of the worse.  When a prisoner dies he is ferried over to the smaller island for burial.  Plots are marked by number, no names needed.

The time comes when Prisoner 489 is slated for execution.  489 is one that exudes evil.  It takes…

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